Documenting the inevitable American Revolution 3

For starters, 51% of the US population [women] are 2nd class citizens. This alone produces an illegitimate democracy.

Add to that other genders and orientions, people of color, immigrants, refugees, and the middle and lower economic strata, and more. Most people in the United States fail to receive a fair shake; they are not represented by ‘their’ government, they are ruled by the ruling class.

It’s clear to me that at the surface, the education and anger of the populace is bubbling, ever increasingly to the boil over point. I’m a senior citizen and after 40+ adult years of participating in electoral politics, and trying so hard to advance our nation into a more just and equitable place, I’ve had it. I no longer have faith in the possibility of our system. For me, the nickel finally dropped with the recent Donald Trump/Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court appointment hearings.

OK, I’m full woke now and additionally, there is zero doubt in my mind that most all if not all politicians are asleep at the wheel trying to drive today’s government to better days. 99.9% of the time, no matter how valiant their initial intentions, they end up morphing into the cesspool and becoming the status quo, regardless how they label themselves.

A week ago, my plan was to help usher in new equality-focused Chicago mayor and aldermen, especially of the 46th Ward which has a particularly corrupt and non-equality focused alderman. I still plan to try to do that, but I believe the corrupt Democratic Party [semi-financed by GOP donors and always leaning right to get more of them] have already stolen the election and a machine status quo ‘Democrat’ like Toni Preckwinkle will fill Mayor Emanuel’s shoes. Corruption will go on unabated and the majority of people will continue to be left out. Under that scenario, even a great alderman would be frustrated in their efforts. We’ll leave those subjects for other posts.

I would love to be wrong, but I do not think I am. Now I see any thoughts of rehabilitating our government would be naive at best.

I would be remiss if I didn’t stress this a multi-faith and no faith website/social media effort. Even though, I personally feel there is an even more important revolution, the revolution of the heart, to which I follow Jesus Christ [the real one, not the hateful fake GOP, phony value voters absconded one], this is a secular endeavor to document the inevitable American Revolution 3. I strongly believe regardless of spiritual considerations, it is important for all to do the best they can, including full revolution, to produce an equitable government for all.

So, the Election Chicago website and social media will be sunset for new Revolution 3 Now! equivalents.